Frequently asked questions

Q 1. How can we assist your business needs

ConEq Conference Equipment Ltd is a customer centered organization. Its goal is to successfully satisfy their customer’s needs through its state of the art equipment and its expertly trained employees.

For any further information please contact our company.

Q 2. Why rent or buy from Coneq?

The high quality of service and state of the art equipment assures the company’s customers of the best service the market in Cyprus has to offer. In case of rentals, the company’s technicians are present fot the entire duration of an event and are capable of handling any situation that may occur. With regards to sales, the company offers technical support for all their sold products.

Here is a list summing up the company’s capabilities:

  • Reliable technical knowledge, expertise and skills
  • Continuous monitoring and adaptation of technological changes and advances
  • Well trained and experienced employees
  • State of the art Equipment
  • Customer Relations

Q 3. What kind of Equipment do I need for a conference?

Infrared equipment uses state-of-the-art technology. Infrared equipment allows you to have up to 32 channels (languages) per room with the possibility of having an unlimited number of rooms with simultaneous interpretation at the same time. It is the only technology that can do this. The signal is transmitted in each room through one or more infrared emitter panels (radiators) that transmit the signal to the infrared receiver. The number of panels is determined by the size of the room. The receiver functions

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Virtual Events

Welcome to the New Digital Era.

CONEQ has Created New, Digital Applications for Your Virtual Events, to Meet the Needs of Clients in the New Era.

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