A hologram is a photographic recording of a light field that is able to recreate and present an image in full 3D that has captured the public’s imagination since the 1960s when science fiction films first started to present theoretical future applications of the then brand new medium. Since their creation in 1962, holograms have been utilized in far more practical ways, from the security strips found in Blu-Ray and CD cases to anti-theft technology that’s present in our credit cards and IDs.

Holographic technology is already being used in cutting-edge navigation systems. These systems will produce a holographic overlay of navigation data on the windshield of your vehicle through a dashboard-mounted projector, giving real-time directions, information, identifying and highlighting hazards, while keeping the driver’s eyes on the road and free from distractions.

Some 3D holographic visualization companies are specialized in using the type of data produced by MRIs to create full-color computer-generated 3D holograms with their holographic printing technology, allowing doctors, patients, and medical students to visualize 3D data in a completely interactive way.

A hologram’s ability to recreate real-life terrain is fully examinable 3D makes the technology an important tool in law enforcement and military reconnaissance missions. Holographic maps of battle spaces, crowded urban settings, and rescue routes enable them to better visualize their missions and carefully plan their on-the-ground operations, keeping individuals safe and steps ahead of the situation. It is already possible to use imaging data to create 3D holographic sheets which can easily be stored and transported and require no additional tools to view, allowing the holograms to be used on the field rather than just in a planning facility.

In the long term, the 3D holographic technology market is expected to experience continuous growth, due to the increasing demand from retail and commercial industries who want to implement this future promising medium. However, in 2021, the market is expected to experience downfall due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as the demand and services of the 3D holographic display have been reduced.

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