Sound quality can make big difference on all occasions!

Whether it is a small conference or a big concert, a wedding reception or a gala dinner… Sound is a factor that will certainly affect the success of your event.

Our sound equipment includes:

  • Line array systems
  • Digital and analog sound mixers
  • Speakers and stage monitors
  • Speaker processors and amplifiers
  • Backline
  • Wired and wireless microphones
  • Professional DJ Equipment

Our DJs sets are professional and they include DJ equipment with Pioneer CD players and mixers. We can also provide budget friendly solutions for private parties.

All events should be memorable… and this can be achieved with an Audio & Video Recording, thus allowing us to post-produce the footage and archive your event keeping all your moments alive for many years. Our equipment can record separate audio and video channels simultaneously.

Lights and color can influence how people perceive the area around them.

Actually is really amazing how people’s mood can change, when the light conditions change. Different light sources affect (the viewer’s perspective) how the colors of walls and other objects are seen…

Our variety of lighting equipment includes:

  • LED parcan lights
  • LED wireless parcan lights with battery
  • Moving heads spot and wash
  • Large and small format lighting desks
  • Smoke and hazer machines
  • Warm lights (par64, PC, Profiles)
  • String lights
  • Fairy lights
  • Disco lights and many more…

All of the above, combined with the appropriate support (truss systems, stands, etc.) can play a vital role in the mood and environment that your event will have.

CONEQ’s experienced Sound & Light Engineers can always suggest suitable equipment for any occasion!

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Virtual Events

Welcome to the New Digital Era.

CONEQ has Created New, Digital Applications for Your Virtual Events, to Meet the Needs of Clients in the New Era.

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