When participating in a Conference, it’s always important to be able to hear clearly what the other participants have to say. Our Discussion Systems can support up to 1000 microphones and use the latest technology to ensure sound quality output. A professional sound system is always a must for the best result. We use Digital Audio Mixers and Column Speakers that are elegant to be placed in a beautiful venue and not only.

Auto Tracking Cameras can also be connected to the Discussion Systems. These robotic cameras can be installed in a conference room and can track the current speaker from his seat. When the talk button on the microphone is pressed the system sends a signal to the camera to rotate automatically and point to the predefined direction of the speaker.

Furthermore, you can always project or even record the entire conference without the need for a camera crew. Our systems include 4K cameras (broadcast-quality), video processors, and Video Mixers.

A Projector or a LED wall is a must for any conference. It’s the easiest way to communicate a presentation, a video, or a text message to a large number of people. Our projectors range from the small 4500 lumens to the biggest 10 000 lumens. We can stack them (for better brightness and image quality), split them, map them or combine them for large projections.

Whether it’s a small conference room or a big hall, we can provide you with a variety of Projection Screens of different sizes that can be used for front or back projection depending on your requirements.

There are times that a projection screen will not really be enough for a big venue, or you just need something small for a limited number of people. You might even need to present something during the daytime in an open area under direct sunlight, where even the biggest projectors will not be able to project bright enough. A LED wall and LED Displays are usually the best options for these situations. We currently have 42″, 50”, 55”, 65”, 75” Full HD and 4K displays. Our LED wall can be used in any shape up to 30sqm

A very interesting and useful way to upgrade your conference is by the use of Live Streaming. Live Streaming is an easy way to get more people to see your event from any place in the world. By using video and audio encoders, and with the help of a good internet access connection, we can broadcast your event through any webpage you like in real-time. Imagine how easy it is for people to sit in their offices or home and watch your event as it takes place.

Let’s not forget about our HD Video Conference System. CONEQ’s video conferencing can be summed up in one simple phrase… Value for money! Effortless video conferencing at an incredibly affordable price is what CONEQ promises for all of its video conferencing solutions and that is exactly what users have come to expect. All of our VC systems use the H.323 and SIP protocols so users can be sure that our VC system is compatible with all major VC brands. With several one-of-a-kind features, industry-leading warranty periods, and smooth HD imaging, CONEQ turns the dream of high-quality, budget-friendly video conferencing into reality for small to medium-sized businesses, universities, and many more. With the latest innovations that technology has to offer, our Video Conference systems support various platforms, desktop sharing, remote access, and troubleshooting, mobile or tablet sharing, video recording, playback, and many more.

Audio & Video Recording is used to archive or post-produce an event. Our equipment can record multiple separate channels of audio and as many cameras as you like. We can always combine our Auto Tracking Cameras system with video recording. Among these, we also offer Video Production & Editing.

A Backdrop for your conference can make the room look more pleasant and interesting. Our experienced team can handle everything from design, production, and setup of professional and breath-taking backdrops, specially designed for your event and always according to your needs and budget. This also applies to the Stage. Stages are widely used for raising presenters higher than floor level to make it easier for people to look at. Our stages come in many heights and designs.

Need a podium? A Digital Podium is so helpful and you will not have to print any nameplates. We only need the names of your speakers. Otherwise, you may use a plexiglass one, which is always elegant.

Finally, another great way to keep your audience alert and involved is by having them participate during your presentation. Our Voting / Audience Response System can offer you exactly that. This can be used for presentations, exams, games, and appraisals. The limit of their use is up to your imagination.

Our company also offers Secretarial Equipment and Services. Our technicians can set up local networks for file transfer, shared printing, or internet access. We can even support events with internet access over 4G in the most remote places. We have a variety of Computers, Printers, and Peripherals, including black/white laser printers, color laser printers, network printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines. We can also support any event with Heavy-Duty Copiers for up to 50 copies per minute, stapler, and sorted.

Other products and services of ours which you may use when organizing your event are our Photographer Services, creation of Stand-up Banners, CLICKSHARE system, Interactive Floor Projection System, Video Mapping, and a lot more. All of these will make a difference to your Conference or any kind of event.

Last but not least, we have to mention that we take pride in our Staff. Our technicians are well trained and can support you with great success. They keep up with the new technologies and are constantly trained on the new equipment. You can always rely on them during an event.

At CONEQ, we know how to make a difference.

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