LED walls are a combination of individual LED panels arranged together to display one seamless image. LEDs require considerably less power than traditional lights, making them an efficient replacement. Low heat and less power mean also a long lifespan.

These panels can be custom arranged in virtually any size or style to fit your event needs. Whether you’d like to display large images, custom graphics, or video, LEDs help to command greater attention and serve as stylish, customizable backdrops or digital displays for any occasion. LED walls deliver seamless pictures, can be scaled to any aspect ratio, shape, and size, and possess characteristics that make an LED wall look awesome from every angle.

When it comes to outdoor video displays, LED walls are gaining popularity. Not only do they make an attractive setup that adds life to events and make signages look more appealing, they also come with a host of benefits that will make you want to choose using one.

If you are still undecided in choosing between projectors or LED walls, we can help you decide. Here, we present some of the advantages that will tell you why it’s a smart choice.

LED walls offer Superior Brightness
One of the top reasons why LED walls have become a popular choice is their brightness. Compared with projectors, LED walls emit brighter light as it is measured in NIT (direct light measurement), while projectors are measured in LUX, with one NIT unit equivalent to 3.426 lux.

In detail, these are the advantages of LED walls in terms of brightness:

  • Vivid images are produced by LED walls as they generate their own brightness.
  • LED walls maintain the same level of brightness over time.
  • LED walls offer great contrasts even in displaying deeply saturated colors.
  • Even under ambient lighting, the visibility of images from LED walls is not affected.
  • Even with minimum brightness, LED walls are efficient to use.
  • LED video wall technology is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to deliver seamless images, scalability to any size or shape, and excellent optimal characteristics that make video wall content look great from any angle. The modern LED video wall offers great viewing pleasure at an attractive price/performance ratio.

We can accommodate your needs with our LED wall in several configurations customizable to your application. Depending on the type of use, location, or weather conditions, our technicians are there to help you bring a professional technical solution to your event, that being alive, corporate, hybrid, or conference. Our service includes the delivery of LED walls, their installation, and dismantling, as well as on-site technical support!

You may use them indoors or outdoors – but under a covered area, if more than 1 day. Don’t forget to require a LED Wall at your next demo at a Trade Fair. Your booth will not go unnoticed for sure!


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