Online events are virtual and highly interactive, where people come together to learn and be entertained on the web.

Virtual events have gained popularity as the world continues to deal with coronavirus. Fortunately, event technology has made it possible to host unique online experiences that can align with your goals and event strategy. Whether you’re planning a virtual conference or an internal meeting, assemblies, press conferences, annual meetings, lectures there are many benefits to hosting online events and plenty of virtual event ideas to inspire you.

Companies struggle to protect their employees and staff members from spreading Covid 19 with travel restrictions and remote-work arrangements & settings, you have high chances that your meetings and events would be canceled/postponed.

As you can afford the no show-no gain state for your events, meetings, and conferences, you need to help your events by pivoting them to virtual conferences and events. Online events are the only solution for you and your guests!

CONEQ has moved on since April 2020 and we are here to suggest great ideas for your online events.

Various online platforms, video recordings, distance recordings, production media, virtual backgrounds! Everything is possible for your event and with less cost than the physical ones!

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Virtual Events

Welcome to the New Digital Era.

CONEQ has Created New, Digital Applications for Your Virtual Events, to Meet the Needs of Clients in the New Era.

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