What’s the one thing you notice in every single high-profile event? Photo walls, or Hollywood walls, or Media walls. Just look up any celebrity online or sportsperson and you will always see photos of them standing in front of photo walls, covered with logos. From press releases to charity events to galas to movie releases, photo walls are truly a staple in public events. It’s a standard red carpet moment and a photographer’s best friend.

You might be wondering “are photo walls exclusive to elite Hollywood celebrations?”. The answer is no. Almost any event can make use of a printed photo wall. Because there are different ways to style one, organizers have the option to have it designed according to their needs. Generally, there are three kinds of media walls:

For Sponsors:
Media walls are the spotlight for generous donors and investors who have contributed to make your event a success. It’s a great way to hold your end of the bargain without being too pushy about it. Media walls are a great way to advertise sponsors in a way that it blends with the rest of the event. This calls for a media wall that is lined up with the logos of the sponsors. This type is generally seen in concerts, press junkets, and conventions.

For The Brand:
Maybe your brand is launching a new product or celebrating its anniversary. Whatever the event is, the media wall’s goal should be exposed. The key to creating a brand-centric media wall is simplicity. Having your logo arranged as a pattern works well – just be sure to speak to a specialist large format printer like Kwik Kopy before you get started.

For The Event:
This is for events that rely on participation and publicity. We are talking about charities, galas, and fundraising events. Similar to movie premieres, media walls for events are there to make the celebration recognizable so when people take photos of it and post them online, it’s easy to identify where they are.

Why Add Media Walls In The First Place?
It’s all about making the most out of the situation. When you have a public event, you want to give it publicity. Media walls are photo magnets and will help your event circle the rounds of internet stardom. It’s branding, marketing, and public relations in one product.

  • It Adds Value To The Venue
  • Promotion of Sponsors
  • Brand Marketing
  • Event or Product Promotion

Why CONEQ Photo / Media walls?

We use special non-reflective canvas for our custom photo walls in comparison to the ordinary reflective foamboard most companies use.
When used together with our lighting, you will experience a state-of-the-art photo/media wall, without any marked lines where the foamboards join (as our competitors do).

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