CONEQ offers an array of Production Media Services, producing professional HD video content for websites, social media pages, broadcast, and corporate use. We have the expertise to adapt to each client’s unique message and style, and to produce media-rich content that effectively connects with their audience.

The most critical process of a film is the pre-production part where the real homework is done. CONEQ empowers corporate video production with compelling concept and scriptwriting services for your promotional video. Our think tanks are vibrant minds that solidify your creative vision for incredible outcomes.

We provide exceptional pre and post-production services along with on-site supervision.

Must requirements for video production:

  • Pre-production meeting: scriptwriting/storyboarding & conceptualizing / brainstorm process
  • Camera(s)
  • Camera operator(s)
  • High-quality “b-roll footage” (images and video) for the post-production editing process.
  • Editing
  • Subtitling
  • Gimbals for video stabilization
  • Drone shooting
  • Green screen
  • and a lot more…

Please take into account that you need to contact us 3-4 weeks prior to your deadline.

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Virtual Events

Welcome to the New Digital Era.

CONEQ has Created New, Digital Applications for Your Virtual Events, to Meet the Needs of Clients in the New Era.

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