A Projector is a must for any conference. It’s the easiest way to communicate a presentation, a video, or a text message to a large number of people. Our projectors range from the small 5000 lumens to the biggest 22 000 lumens. We can stack them (for better brightness and image quality), split them, map them or combine them for large projections.

Whether it’s a small conference room or a big hall, we can provide you with a variety of Projection Screens of different sizes that can be used for front or back projection depending on your requirements.

Projection-mapping is reshaping what is possible in terms of projection technology. It’s impressing audiences and creating immersive experiences across the industry. The only limitations are your creativity and any budgetary constraints. The potential for this technology is endless.

Projection-Mapping can be utilized live during events, so your guests can enjoy a truly immersive and authentic event experience. We can change the color of tangible objects on stage and project 3D objects with stunning clarity in front of live audiences.

With projection mapping, you can merge and amplify a combination of video and still images to give your content new life. This is a highly effective way to communicate a story. Coordinate with CONEQ at least two months before your event in order to maximize your content vision.

Projection on buildings (steady) can also be used in many cases of a limited budget, compared to projection mapping.

Our projectors and screens are also been used in concerts and big shows on the sides of the stage. Connected with a vision mixer, we can project videos or live feeds from cameras during the concert.

Last but not least, live performances in foreign languages are starting to become more common. We can support you – via Surtitling or Live Subtitling – the opportunity to make your project more accessible to an audience that doesn’t master the source language of the production. Surtitling is a subtitling technique that is adapted to the stage (theatre and opera) and other events such as conferences or presentations by projecting the subtitles on a dark backdrop above or below the stage.

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Virtual Events

Welcome to the New Digital Era.

CONEQ has Created New, Digital Applications for Your Virtual Events, to Meet the Needs of Clients in the New Era.

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