Our Tour Guide System is an easy-to-use wireless radio communication system designed specifically for tour groups, factory tours, outdoor excursions, employee training, language interpretation, conferences, and trade shows to provide superior tours using wireless technology. Guides speak to their entire group as if the group was an arm’s length away – communicating over distances as far as 100 meters in an open area.

A portable system wwith headphones that must be present on every tour for more than 15 people. Our company can cover you with tour systems no matter how large your groups are, as it has the largest number of portable tour systems in Greece and Cyprus with over 1200 receivers.

A tour guide system, or bidule, consists of a microphone connected to a transmitter for the guide and the receivers with headphones for guests.

No matter how large the group of visitors, the tour guide does not have to shout and our guests hear everything very clearly in a long radius without having to be permanently next to the tour guide.

This bidule system can also be used as a simultaneous interpretation system for small numbers of people or in small venues for events that usually do not exceed 2 hours.

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