One of the key virtues of Wireless Microphone Systems is their versatility; they are crucial to workflows in many creative and professional fields and have been central to the advancement of many media formats since their inception. They are discreet – whether you’re shooting video or performing on stage, wireless systems lend a clean look to the proceedings.

From seminars to conferences to public events and houses of worship, Wireless Microphone Systems offer an effective solution to simply transmit and record audio.

In many instances, stage performers require the use of their hands, meaning traditional mics are a no-go. Whether it’s for a rock show or a musical, Wireless Headset Microphones allow freedom of movement and reduce the risk of tripping over cables. And for large-scale performances, Wireless Microphones significantly reduce the complexity and size of cable looms and runs.

Our Wireless Microphone Systems consist of multi Directional Antennas, Antena Splitters, handheld microphones, headset microphones, and lavalier microphones according to the technical needs of each event. We have successfully conducted musical performances with 35 wireless microphones and conferences with 24 wireless microphones without any interference.


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