Over the course of the last few years and especially from the 2nd quarter of 2019 since COVID-19 emerged globally the need to communicate, share knowledge and information has led us to search for alternatives or less popular ways at that time to do so.

Since the organizers are not able to fulfill a physical event due to pandemic restrictions the event industry shifted to virtual and hybrid events.

Even when physical events resume, virtual and hybrid formats will remain a go-to. Attendees may be given the choice between attending in-person or virtually, making every event experience and community a hybrid

Resulting in the growth and innovation of the event technology that will rapidly accelerate in the near future because of the continuous demand.

Relationship-building will take a leading role as hybrid and virtual events become even more popular, attendees need the opportunity to connect with others who share interests or schedules, interface with speakers they admire, and connect online or offline, by one-on-one video calls with sponsors for meaningful, face-to-face conversations.

It won’t be the same as in-person events, but what matters is that it’s still happening.

Ensuring quality can make your event stand out and draw in high registration numbers. The only way to differentiate is by raising the bar for the quality of your content, networking experience, and every other aspect of your event.

If you want to succeed in the post-COVID-19 event industry, you’ll need to offer personalized content and a unique experience in order to get attendees to keep coming back to your events. Nowadays events are struggling to prove value to sponsors for virtual experiences. So as technology catches up, we’re likely to see incredible growth in event sponsorship.

When in difficult situations you have to adapt, and no one knows this better than those of us in the events industry. The global pandemic has fundamentally disrupted business, forcing us to evolve and improve in ways we never imagined we could. We can use what we’ve learned through this experience to elevate the experiences our attendees have at our events, whether virtual or hybrid.

Easier to set up and run a virtual event, it is already clear that this trend is going to be a long-term relationship between the organizers and attendees due to: the easy access from anywhere without requiring a physical presence, bypassing venue limitations, the less required and complex equipment to be used making it cost-efficient and finally the scalability it offers.

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